Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

National Academic Depository (NAD) is a 24X7 online depository of all academic awards viz. certificates, diplomas, degrees, mark-sheets etc. duly digitized and lodged by academic institutions / boards / eligibility assessment bodies. DigiLocker NAD not only ensures easy access to and retrieval of an academic award but also validates and guarantees its authenticity and safe storage.
  1. Students & other academic award holders,
  2. Academic Institutions/Boards/ Eligibility assessment bodies,
  3. Verifying Entities i.e. banks, employer companies (domestic & overseas), Government entities, Third party verification agencies, Academic institutions/boards/eligibility assessment bodies (domestic and overseas) etc.
DigiLocker NAD comprises a digital depository. Various DigiLocker NAD services like lodging, access, verification and authentication of academic awards are provided through DigiLocker NAD in a digital format. Digital and authenticated copy of academic awards with prescribed security features is provided to a student and/or a verifier by the depository.
You can visit step wise process is illustrated there.